Birthday Party Ideas In Vancouver

A Little Extra Exclusive And Marvelous Birthday Party Ideas In Vancouver

Is your child’s birthday coming up, and you are hopeless to find a little unique and the perfect Birthday party ideas in Vancouver to memorialize this favorite day?

A birthday is a day on which a person was genesis or commemorates the origin, founding, or starting of anything, mostly treated as an occasion for festivity, celebration, and the awarding of presents. The birthday celebration party makes a loved one feel extra special. Parents are always seeking a new, fun, and creative idea to host their kid’s birthday party that is entertaining for all.

Whether you desire to involve the use of your home as a hall for cake, toys, and excited, naughty children, or you are looking to arrange the party at a venue. Birthday Party Ideas In Vancouver by Arcade On Wheels has got an extensive list of celebratory opportunities for birthday parties in Vancouver.

We suggest gaming parties for your beloved Youngs ranging to experience an hour of enjoyable and captivating art activity. Each activity will lead by an expert instructor, followed by an hour for light meals and cake fun with buddies.

Mixed Media Craft Party :

Themes Menu To Choose From Watercolor Unicorn Wands, Owl Puppets, Robots, Paper Dolls, Self Portraits, Or Select Your Theme. Our gaming truck services will facilitate you to make your birthday party a fun gaming event where you can play all type of games on our highly equipped machines with your friends and family.

Fascinating Arcade Party Truck Vancouver

Do you have a desire to challenge your mates on multiple gaming systems or sing and dance your heart out on a high-end audio system with your buddies?

Arcade party truck Vancouver provides the ultimate video game party and event experience for all ages managed by game instructors. Our perfect setup for your next special occasion will take your events to the top level. We have collected famous games to go with different party themes for delivering a thrilling experience that your guests will never forget.

The Vancouver Arcade On Wheels company offers the option between a Curbside event that features pre-setup trucks/trailers or an In-House type in which your space transforms into a video game arcade.

A premium video game truck can provide hours of enjoyment because it is completely enclosed and climate-controlled for maximum comfort and protection. You merely sit back, relax, and let our Arcade party truck bring the fun to you.

Our Mission:

The Vancouver Arcade On Wheels company aims to provide an excellent party experience at the convenience of your residence or event place. You only have to host the party and leave the tension and mess to us.

How it Works:

Arcade Party Truck will arrive on time on the scheduled day at your home or event location. The Vancouver Arcade On Wheels’s professional entertainers will take over your party in a brilliant way that will captivate everyone. During its designated timing, guests are specially allowed to choose between several games on various gaming consoles.

A Climate-Controlled Environment All Year Round:

Whether you are inside our gaming theaters or organize an event indoors, we can accommodate events throughout the entire year. Because our latest technology gaming truck will come armed with heating and cooling systems.

Choice Of VR Equipment:

  • PSVR
  • Oculus Quest or HTC VIVE VR
  • Xbox series X
  • PS4s

Additional Equipment:

  • 4k TVs (50-65inch) on tall stands
  • Pop-up backdrop
  • Leaderboard
  • LED lighting system.

Fully Hosted And Supervised By Technical Controllers:

Fully experienced and master game coaches handle your event. They will be there to explain the rules, encourage players, and make sure they have fun along with safe play. These experts also teach those who have never played before.

We Are Ready To Cover The Following Events To Provide Entertainment For All Ages At Your Place:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Karaoke Nights
  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Summer Camp
  • School Event
  • Church Event
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
  • Video Game Tournaments
  • Winter Carnivals
  • And Much More!